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Matt and Nick are unique in the graphic design world. They possess a perfect balance of creativity, technical aptitude and business acumen. Their focus on client needs and asking concise and pointed questions allows them to quickly comprehend the scope of a project. Consistently meeting deadlines while realizing the clients’ vision is priority number one. They thrive on creating visuals from logos to websites that capture the essence of their clients' offerings in the most effective, simple and eloquent way.

Matt Sterling

Matt graduated from UC Santa Barbara with a degree in Business Economics in 1999. Upon graduating he moved back to San Francisco where he worked in technology sales for six years. During this time, Matt began exploring the world of design. After spending several years freelancing, he took classes at the California College of the Arts where he studied Communication Design. In 2006 Matt founded Eminess Design with long-time friend, Nick Hartman. Since it's inception, Eminess has been rapidly growing, constantly bringing new and exciting projects to the table. Matt finds running his own business to be very rewarding and is eager to continue his growth as a designer and developer, as well as a business owner. Matt lives in Mill Valley, just north of San Francisco with his wife (Andi) and their two daughters (Amelia and Nora). Matt enjoys taking hikes with his dog (Pip) on the beautiful trails that surround his home.

Nick Hartman

Nick graduated from UC Santa Barbara with a degree in Geography in 2000. After graduating, Nick went on to work at ESRI (environmental systems research institute) in Redlands CA. He worked on the application prototype development team where he participated in projects for various governments including the CIA, FBI and NIMA. After two years at ESRI he went on to work at the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena CA, where he developed many internet based applications and fell in love with the software design + development process. During his time at JPL, Nick started taking on freelance web development + design work. He also decided to pursue a Masters in Computer Science from California State at Long Beach. In 2006, Nick reconnected with Matt Sterling, his long time friend from UCSB. Together, they co-founded Eminess Design in 2006 and have been collaborating and experimenting in the world of design ever since. He currently lives in Huntington Beach and is married to Erika (also a UCSB Gaucho) and they have two children (Luke and Emma). In his spare time, Nick enjoys playing on his local soccer club.


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